Francis Aznaran

Society of Science Research Fellow in Applied and Computational Mathematics, University of Notre Dame.

Research interests:

The finite element method for the PDEs of elasticity and thermodynamics, encompassing:


Aznaran, F. R. A., Farrell, P. E., Monroe, C. W., and Van-Brunt, A. J., Finite element methods for multicomponent convection-diffusion, Sept. 2022, arXiv:2208.11949 [bib, pdf]


Aznaran, F. R. A., Kirby, R. C., and Farrell, P. E., Transformations for Piola-mapped elements, SMAI Journal of Computational Mathematics, Vol. 8 (2022), pp. 399–437, DOI: 10.5802/smai-jcm.91 [bib, pdf]

Brief CV:


Combined EPSRC/MathWorks Scholarship at the PDEs CDT, Oxford Mathematical Institute (2018–22).

Further information:

242 Hayes-Healy Center, Notre Dame, Indiana, 46556, USA